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AU-The New White Ranger

It had been exactly two weeks since the big fight with the evil empire and the day Kim’s world fell apart. As she stood here now on top of the command center, a tear slid down her cheek and all she wanted was for Tommy’s arms to be around her again. But that would never happen, he was gone and wasn’t coming back.

Today was the day she had been dreading since his funeral, she knew that a new ranger would have to be called to fill his position. And of all people to help him feel welcome and learn the ropes, Zordon chose her. 

Taking a final deep breath and wiping the tears from her eyes, she teleported down to the command center to meet her newest teammate. 

Inhaling quietly to herself she gave her best smile to the guy standing infront of her, “Hi, Im Kimberly…welcome to the team,” she said weakly offering her hand to him.

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Turbo Movie AU-Evil Kim







Kim was furious, on the ship with Divatox, listening to her whine about the power brats. They had gotten away…again. Barking orders and blaming everyone, Divatox was getting on her last nerve. Because of Divatox she was feeling more powerful and strong than ever before, but she couldn’t take it anymore.

"Ya know, instead of blaming everyone, why don’t you own up and do something about it yourself?" Shocked Divatox walked over ready to snap at Kim, but she didn’t have the chance. Kim attacked and threw her in the hole that she had kept her & Jason.

Kim smiled and looked up at the minions on the ship with an evil laugh, “I’m in charge now….time to recruit new help.”

Kim couldn’t stop thinking about Tommy protecting and sticking up for Kat, she hated it. She started brainstorming different ways to get him back. Looking through books and spells of the past she smiled when she found the perfect one, she knew exactly what to do.

It was late, around midnight and Kim teleported herself into Tommy’s room. She saw him sleeping there and touched his face. When his eyes fluttered opened, she smiled, “Hello Tommy.”

Tommy was soundly asleep in bed, the covers of the blankets covering up his muscular chest, his long brown hair messy from sleeping. Yesterday, they had all saved the world from Divatox, and her zany plan to awaken Maligore, and had received their new Turbo Ranger powers. And he had seen Kim again, for the first time in nearly two years, and she looked as wonderful as he remembered her. Why was she here? Did she really come back to see all of her friends, and not him, when she came back? Tommy was confused, and Kat certainly didn’t like it either, and it was putting the screws to their relationship. Tommy still had feelings for Kimberly, and Kat knew it. It was his one weakness.

Slowly, his brown eyes flutter open, and he saw her here in his room, wearing a glossy and revealing leather outfit, something like what Divatox would dress her in. They couldn’t save her, and somehow Lerigot’s magic didn’t work. 

"Kimmy? What are you doing here? What has Divatox done..with you?"

"Oh please it’s more like what have I done with her." Kim scoffed as she walked closer to Tommy’s bed. "I feel more powerful and alive then I ever have in my life. I’m taking over the evil empire and I want you by my side."

Kim began walking around Tommy’s room looking at his medals and trophy’s from his past karate tournaments, she rolled her eyes. Her and her friends were so good, she now hated it. Seeing a picture of him and Kat sitting on Tommy’s dresser, her eyes glowed pink and she quickly looked back at Tommy.

"I’m not really giving you much of a choice in this Oliver, you’re coming with me."


Tommy watched her move around the room, warily, wondering what she would do. Damn, why hadn’t the spell worn off now? A chill passed up his spine as he watched her pause on the photograph of him and Kat together, and his heart sank. Was that what this was all about? Was the fact that Kim’s life in Angel Grove had fallen apart while she was gone, her ex-boyfriend and her clique of friends why she was still rampaging about, under the spell? 

"Yeah, because being evil the first time worked out so well for me. Being a slave to Rita. Hurting my friends, and you. Not being able to make decisions for myself. No thanks.”

He shook his head, tears welling up in his eyes, getting out of bed, slipping his cargo pants back on. 

"Kimberly, don’t do this. I care about you. This whole past weekend has been hell for me. You saved me once, let me…save you.”

He realized how much he had sounded like Kimberly, all those years ago, in the Juice Bar, when she had discovered that he was the evil Green Ranger.

Kim could feel her pain turn to anger, “you rangers are always trying save people…I don’t need you to save me.” Her eyes flashing pink again, she looked him straight in the eye.

"Don’t you ever compare me to Rita again, im gonna do what she never could. Besides, you wouldn’t be my slave, you’d be my second. I’m taking full control. I will fight the rangers personally, unlike Rita and Divatox, who only seemed to hide away. I have no problem getting dirty to get what i want…and i always get what i want." The last part was more of a threat, he needed to know she wasn’t playing games and if she had to she’d take him against his will…might even be more fun that way.

"I can’t…Kimberly." He shook his head, looking at her sadly, with his brown eyes. He had nightmares of his time as the evil Green Ranger, and the posturing and most of all, that…laugh of his, when he had acted as Rita’s herald, sowing destruction amongst Angel Grove and the Rangers.

"As much as I would love to be with you again. I still love you. And with you coming back here just made me realize it more. I thought Kat could make me happy, but I guess I was just tired of being alone. With you. Because you dumped me." 

He looked down, at the floor, having no clue of what Kimberly was truly capable enough, if she was powerful enough to overthrow Divatox. Tommy was still fighting all of it, trying to save his old girlfriend somehow.

Kim rolled her eyes and began pacing the room, getting bored listening to Tommy’s explanation of why she shouldn’t do this and blah blah. She didn’t really care about anything he was saying until the ‘L’ word spilled from his lips.

She spun around furiously, “You love me? Oh really? is that why you had no problem moving on? Not only that but with someone who was supposed to be my friend.”

Taking a deep breath, an evil smile sat on her lips, no use in getting worked up over nothing. She was in control, not him. “I really don’t care about your feelings right now Tommy. I came here to get what i want and i have every intention of doing so.”

She pulled out a small vile form her pocket, it was a potion she got from one of the books on Divatox’s ship. It was her way of making the now red ranger, red with evil. Kim walked over to the bed where Tommy was, ready to force him to drink. “Say goodnight Tommy, don’t worry, when you wake up, you won’t remember a thing…”

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To all my RP peeps:
I made a Brooke Davis(One Tree Hill) RP blog! :) the URL is iamwhoiambrookedavis if you’re interested :D


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